Quiz for Understanding Chords, Part 1: Intervals

Section 1: Interval Identification

For each interval in the questions below, write:

  1. whether it’s Melodic or Harmonic,
  2. the name of the interval (for example, 3rd, 5th, etc.),
  3. for melodic intervals, whether the interval moves Up or Down.

Each interval will be a melodic or harmonic 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th.

The first two questions are answered – so you can see a few examples.

Section 2: Vocabulary

  1. An interval (in music) is:

    a. four notes moving upward on the staff.

    b. the amount of time a piece of music lasts.

    c. the distance between two notes.

    d. something Mozart used when practicing piano.
  2. A chord is:

    a. music that’s designed only to be sung.

    b. three or more notes occurring at the same time.

    c. all of the notes in a measure of music.

    d. none of the above.

Section 3: Extra Credit

If it’s helpful, the answers to these last two questions about intervals can be found in the Interval Chart on the blog post.

  1. How many half steps are in a minor 3rd?
  2. How many half steps are in a major 3rd?

Next Steps

You can double check your answers with the answer key, here.