Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons in Seattle

Private Lessons Available: PIANO, THEORY, & COMPOSITION

Lessons available:
• In your home
• At Capitol Music (50th and Roosevelt)
• At Kennelly Keys (Northgate)

About me:
• B.A. in Music Composition (2002)
• Teaching full-time since 2005
• Began studying music classically at age 3
• Sincerely care about music education and the people I work with
• Have great references (available upon request)

I teach about 75% kids and 25% adults. I emphasize/believe in having a strong foundation in the fundamentals: Note-Reading, Rhythms, Hand Position, etc. For kids, I try to make studying music be something self-esteem building and fun. (Parents often thank me for my kindness – and patience!) 🙂 And for everyone, I try to combine having solid skills with remembering why we’re studying music in the first place.

We have recitals (for all who wish to attend) in the Spring and Fall; and everyone seems to enjoy them a lot.

I teach a variety of classical repertoire, fun arrangements of songs (music like ‘Star Wars’ is often a hit) – and I’m open to working in any styles that a person is motivated to play. (The same core principles and fundamentals can be applied to all music!)

I’ve studied with many great teachers throughout my life, and I’ve gradually created a system that combines the best of everything I’ve learned. I believe in humor, kindness, “excellence in music,” etc.

Often, lessons include: Warm-ups, refining music one has been working on, learning something new, a few fun exercises that build fundamental skills (note-reading, rhythms, etc.), and occasional improvising (to help with gaining an understanding of how musical phrases flow together, developing a natural sense of rhythm, etc.).

For those who write music, I’m a composer and always enjoy working with people on their writing – and can offer as much composition and theory knowledge as you can handle! I’ve worked with a lot of electronic musicians, songwriters, people who are currently studying composition in a school program, etc. I work in realms from Renaissance to 21st Century.

Please feel free to contact me through this form – to talk more and with any questions, etc. (I can give you my phone number when we correspond; I’d received telemarketing calls when I posted a phone number in the past.)

Steve Escoffery
B.A. in Music Composition (2002)