I love R.E.M. (and am moved by seeing this – supposedly, the last song they performed together).  From jamming to “Document” when I was 9 years old, to now, and for the rest of my life: Thank you.  (Sep 2011)


Congrats to PJ Harvey… for being so lovely?  Well that, too; but congrats to her for being the only person to win the Mercury Music prize twice.  I’m vastly enjoying “Let England Shake.”  That Flood can sure work some magic, too.  I’d like to study production and mixing with Flood, and song and lyric writing with Polly.  It’s nice to see such a great musician getting that kind of recognition.


The Museum of Robyn Hitchcock
A good place to be!


The Drawing Room, Seattle
The website of Kim Overton Miller, M.S.  An inspiring artist who offers private and small group art lessons in Seattle.  She’s very connected to the heart of art.


Geoff Kessell’s Fiendish Musical Web Thingy
Geoff is an old friend of mine, and one of my favorite singer songwriters.  Geoff’s newest album is really phenomenal.  I recorded an acoustic session of Geoff’s way back in 1996 (1995?!) and it’s still one of my favorite recordings of all time.


Music Mavericks
This is one of my favorite sites for listening to and exploring lots of modern classical music.  There’s so much free music, and interviews with people like Aaron Copland, etc., on this site.  Very worthwhile.

It’s the website of an excellent show about contemporary classical music that’s been airing on NPR.  Playing the Partch instruments is particularly interesting.


Petter Wahlback’s
Petter is a composer, teacher, guitarist, rock musician, etc., and a friend of mine.  We went to school together in Chicago, and he’s now teaching in our old music department, as well as doing a multitude of projects: film scores, sound design, lots of professional gigs.

If I was a filmmaker, I would ask Petter to do the music for every one of my films.


The Durutti Column
Vini Reilly always stands out to me as a very unique and worthwhile artist.


Ape House
While we’re talking about worthwhile artists (everyone on this page), might as well be mentioning Andy Partridge.  I’ve recently been checking out Ape House, his new record label.


Charles Wuorinen
Anyone I speak with about composition inevitably hears me mention Charles Wuorinen.  Ilya Levinson, my most important composition teacher, had gotten me into him.  Wuorinen’s idea of the “place-holder form” (if I’m remembering his wordage correctly) has helped me a lot.  Also, I love musicians who write about music.  Wuorinen’s, like Schoenberg’s, writings are so solid.
Andrew Weil.  Lots of great info on ‘Integrative Medicine’ as well as herbalism…


Along those lines, my favorite store in Seattle:
Dandelion Botanical


This seems important: Is everyone getting their Vitamin D 3?


I’m also intrigued these days with Epicatechin – and the story of the Kuna people of the San Blas islands, and their consumption of raw cocoa (and Norm Hollenberg’s related studies).  This is one of the best articles I’ve seen about it.


Is my website lacking anything political?  Here you go.


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