Digital Piano Buying Guide (A Piano Teacher’s Perspective)

Digital Piano Buying Guide – Digital Piano Reviews – from a Piano Teacher

The Best Digital Pianos in 2019 – for Beginners and Advanced Pianists Alike As a piano teacher of 14 years, I’m often asked for recommendations of digital pianos. I spent the last year researching and writing this comprehensive guide. I hope it serves you well. Note: This post is long – about 23,000 words! It’s […]

Understanding Chords: Part 2, Major Chords


Understanding Chords: Part 2, Major Chords This post is part two in our series on chords. It covers major chords. Part one covers intervals – the building blocks of chords. … The goal of this post is to help you be able to: figure out the notes in any major chord – with an understanding […]

Four Songs Produced by Flood (aka Mark Ellis)


Photo: Flood at the Short Circuit Music Festival, London (2011). Image by Used with permission. Profile Name: Flood (aka Mark Ellis) Roles: Producer, Mixer, Engineer Years active: 1978-present Primary genres: Post-punk, Electronica, Alternative Rock External links: Flood (Mark Ellis) – Wikipedia entry Full discography at AllMusic Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disclosure: Most of the […]

Understanding Chords: Part 1, Intervals


This post is part one in a four-part series on chords. Part one covers intervals, the building blocks of chords. Part two will cover the construction of major and minor chords. Part three: augmented and diminished chords. And Part four will be on seventh chords. To understand how major, minor, and other chords are constructed, […]

New Release: Transcendental Object

Transcendental Object Cover Art

Check Out My New Release on iTunes, Spotify, Etc. Cover art by Laurie Griffin My recent piece of sound art, Transcendental Object, has just been released on most digital platforms. Here are some links: Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Disclosure: Most of the links on this page to products are affiliate links – where I make […]